Not Just Waterpark, This Are Others Family Friendly Tourism Places In Batu

When it came to east Java, two cities that fit for vacation came out to surface. Malang and Batu. Located side by side, Batu offers plenty of holiday destinations. While it is located on the high elevated terrain, the cool weather and breezy air, fit for any kind of tourism attraction. Read more this article to find out some interesting tourism places in Batu which fit for family holidays.

What Is Family-Friendly Holiday Destination?

When talking about the holiday, it tends to relate to a family outing or kids. In this case, choosing the right destination that will fit the whole family is important. You need to consider your children’s needs, attractions, maybe some educational aspect, and of course about the safety measurement. Regarding these concerns, there is some holiday destination in Batu that you can visit with family.

This Are Some Batu’s Tourism Destination For Family

1. Jawa Timur Park 2

Jawa Timur Park came out as a complete package. Here you can find everything under one roof. From amusement parks, water parks, even animal parks, you don’t need to move to other tourism sites. Get rent car Surabaya for a private car to reach Jawa Timur Park 2 at Jl. Raya Oro Oro Ombo, Batu. If you are going with family and kids, you can save some money by purchasing an all – in -one family package tickets.

2. Batu Secret Zoo


Located at the same location, you can head to Batu Secret Zoo for more animal collection. Most of the time, kids are fond of animals. In this holiday destination, there is a massive wide variety collection of animals from around the world on display. It can be used as educational media for children. There are also fun family rides and play areas in this destination which provide more attraction.

3. Wisata Petik Apel KTMA

Enjoy having leisure time in the garden while picking some fruits? This place can be the best destination for your vacation. Along with all your family and kids, you can pick your apples and other fruits. Use rent car Surabaya and reach this location at Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro, Batu. While you harvest the ready to pick fruit, your kids can learn about organic fruits such as oranges, dragon fruits, apples, etc.

4. Museum Angkut

Last but not least from four top tourism places in Batu is Museum Angkot. Just as the name says, it is a museum of vehicles. This will be a great destination for a family who is interested in various kinds of antique vehicles. While you can teach your kids about vehicles, make great photos with the amazing museum design. All the displays are arranged along with a fun background and themes all over the museums.

Those are some places you can visit along with your family and kids. It is not only about fun, but also educational. There is a waterpark, kids’ amusement and attractions in Jatim park. You can also provide education about animals at Batu secret zoo, about vehicles at museum angkot, or learn about fruits at KTMA. Thus, consider visiting those recommended destinations for the best family holiday.

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