bromo mountain

Best Tips For Surabaya To Bromo Trip You Should Consider To Check Out

The mesmerizing scenery of sunrise on top of Bromo mountain won’t be enough if it just an imagination. You should come and witness the truly heavenly view of this mountain. Aside from the infamous sunrise, there is also the blue flame, sea of sand, Bromo crater, etc. Interested? Before you decide and plan your Surabaya to Bromo trip, here are some of the vital tips that will make the trip even more eventful.

Get To Know The Best Route To Take

bromo mountain

There are lots of main routes to reach Bromo. Since the mountain located across 4 districts on east Java, the entrance routes are available from Malang, Probolinggo, Lumajang, and Pasuruan. However, the most used entrances are from Malang and Surabaya. At least there are three main routes you can access. First is from Surabaya – Probolinggo – Sukapura – to Cemoro Lawang and Bromo.

The second route is Surabaya to Pasuruan – Tosari – Wonokriti and Bromo. While the route from Malang will be started from the city to Tumpang, Gubugklakah –  Ngadas – to Jemlang and Bromo. All routes are accessible through public transport or by private vehicle. If you set for driving to the entrance, you can use rent car Surabaya for your journey. Unfortunately, you can’t drive further because of uncertain terrain.

Choosing The Best Time To Go For Trip

Think twice or even thrice when choosing the time. It is not only about the scenery, but also about the crowd and price. Be aware that holiday time is the peak of vacation. Going at that time will result in encountering a bigger crowd on Bromo. While it is fun to go together, but your sightseeing might be disturbed by all of those people. It is also recommended to go on the fall season for the best scenery.

Taking Part Of Tour or Manage by yourself

Granted that you use rent car Surabaya to reach the entrance route, you will need to think about what will you do afterward. You can manage all of your adventure planning by yourself or taking part in bigger tours. There are many Bromo trips and tour packages available in East Java. You can choose the most suitable itinerary, duration, destinations, or the facilities that you desire for your journey.

All The Stuff And Outfit To Prepare

The route has been settled, the time is decided, and the plan is concluded. Now, make sure to pack the best-suited equipment and clothing for your trip. If you went from Surabaya to Bromo, you should anticipate cold weather and dust. Prepare warm-clothing or jackets. Wear shoes and brings spare clothes. Don’t forget to bring a mask, along with all the necessities such as food, drink or even meds.

That is all the tips you should consider to take before planning for the trip. Especially, if you are going from Surabaya. The route is the most crucial, you can go by tour or drive to the entrance. Also, think thoroughly about the best time to go. You can travel on holiday, but you should expect a bigger crowd. It is also important to consider the equipment and your outfit. Hopefully, these tips can help you make the best trip.

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