5 T-shirt Designs for Your Start-ups to Boost the Spirit of Employees

Company T-shirt is a great way to increase sense of belonging in the employee’s mind, especially if the enterprise is at the beginning stage. Its design should be considered thoughtfully. There are 5 T-shirt designs for your start-ups in this passage.

The designs are derived by some of the best start-up T-shirts available. They represent the company pretty well. In addition to that, they really flatter the wearer. Let’s see!

Company’s Inside Jokes

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During the earliest teespro.id stage of startup, people are working together intensively for long hours. It allows the employees to form tight knitted bond with each other. Often times, inside jokes are shared within the circle. They do not make any sense for outsiders, but surely make employees guffaw hard.

It is possible to print the most known inside joke on startup T-shirt. The design will become a trademark for that company. In addition to that, employees feel like they are being included in the company’s most crucial aspect.

Classic Company Logo

Sometimes going simple is the best thing to do. Classic company is definitely among the best 5 T-shirt designs for your start-ups. If the company has logo that it feels very proud of, there is no reason not to print the logo on its T-shirt. Make sure that it takes a huge space.

This classic design will inform anyone that the one who is wearing it is an employee in certain start up. In addition to that, if the company gets big, T-shirt can easily be sold to interested customers.

Zip-up Collar Design

Does your start up promote healthy life? It can be in the form of eating healthy, regular exercise, or even better lifestyle practice. In order to achieve what the company is selling, the T-shirt can employ zip-up collar design. That will make the T-shirt looking like sport attire.

It is only an example of what effect that playing with collar design will give you. There are many other collar models out there. V-neck will give laid back vibe which may suit certain startups. Polo-style collar may give a bit of formality.

Personal Company’s URL

In certain startups, every employee is given their own web page within the company’s website. This is a great chance to promote the company’s website as well as increasing the inclusivity of employees. Because the T-shirt is personalized, employees will be able to feel included by the company.

The URL can be placed at the front or at the back depending on preference. However, back placement is definitely provides more room since there is no obstruction. The URL can be written using special marker so there is no need to custom printing each T-shirt.

Company’s Motto

Every company has its own motto. Different from inside jokes, the motto has broader implications. It reflects the vision of a startup as well as the company’s plans to achieve that vision. The motto should be internalized by every employee in the startup.

Company’s motto is one of the best 5 T-shirt designs for your start-ups. It is meaningful, yet still very simple. In word-based design like this, it is important to choose the perfect font. It should look appealing but is still able to enunciate the motto clearly.

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