Scouts in the World, You Must Know !!

Scout is a Scouting term initiated by Robert Baden-Powell in 1908. It is called Scouting or Scout Movement because this movement is an exercise in the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people and a code of scouting.

Initially, Scouts were intended specifically for boys. Robert Baden-Powell wrote ‘Scouting for Boys’ as a guidebook for boy Scouts. In 1912, Baden Powell’s younger sister joined forces to form a Girl Scout or the so-called Girls Guides

History of Scouts in the World

In 1900, Robert Baden-Powell became a national hero in England for his services in defending Mafeking in the South African War for 217 days. After that, Robert Baden-Powell wrote ‘Aids to Scouting’, a military field manual written for British soldiers in 1899 began to become famous among a younger audience.

Therefore, Robert Baden-Powell finally wrote a non-military guidebook for teenagers who needed to be on good morals and actions. In 1907, Robert Baden-Powell conducted a joint experiment, 20 boys who spoke of various backgrounds.

Robert Baden-Powell teaches about camping, observation, deduction, woodworking, boating, and so on. The first Boy Scouts meeting went smoothly. Robert Baden-Powell then wrote his ideas in a book called ‘Scouting for Boys’ which was selling well.

The name Baden Powell came to be known as most boys in England and was used as a guide. Scouting souls begin to emerge when boys in the UK form groups and conduct activities such as patrolling or organizing.

The children persuade adults to become their leaders. Robert Baden-Powell introduced the motto ‘get ready’ (be prepared) which was inspired by the initials of his name.


This motto then became the Scout’s motto until now. Scouting Scouting for Boys led Robert Baden-Powell to establish a head office and accept new Scout members and approve uniforms.

At the end of 1908, it was announced that 60,000 Scouts and Scout groups had sprung up in British Commonwealth countries throughout the world. In September 1909, the first national Scout meeting was held at Crystal Palace in London

Scouting or Scouting began as a program for boys held 11 to 18 years. But because all the children wanted to be approved, the Girl Guides program was finally formed.

The Girl Guides program was started in 1910 by Robert Baden-Powell who appointed his sister Agnes to manage it. In 1915, Robert Baden-Powell became Chairman of Girl Guides, and invited Olave to become the new chairman in 1918.

The Wolf Cubs program for younger boys is 8-11 years old. As for older boys, create a Rover Scout Program for ages 18-26 years. During World War II, Scouts tried voluntarily and adhered to the principle of coordination.

During World War II, Scouts performed many service tasks such as messengers through the sandi pramuka, firefighters, stretchers, used goods collectors and so on. In the 1990s, Scouts returned in every country and began throughout the Commonwealth of independent countries. In 2007, the movement began its 100 years of scouting. more on cnn

Mission and Vision

“Scouting mission is to contribute to the education of young people, through the value system of promises and the Law of Scouting, to help build a better world where people get the happiness they have as individuals and play a constructive role in society.”

“In 2023 Scouting will become the world’s leading youth education, supporting 100 million young people to become citizens who actively create positive change in their communities and in the world based on shared values.” more in cnn

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