5 Good Food Rich in Calcium (Dairy and Non-Dairy Variants)

Your body is made of almost a whole 99% of six essential elements. From oxygen to nitrogen, one of them is calcium.

By looking at this composition alone, you can tell that calcium is just as important as the others. Therefore, eating food rich in calcium is recommended for anyone.

If you are confused as to which food contains calcium, you can read the following list to help you with that. Dairy, non-dairy, just take your pick.

Healthy Yoghurt


This particular dairy product was originally from Turkey. This food is made of milk fermentation, where bacteria are used in the process. Obviously, yoghurt is rich in calcium as the main ingredient of this food is milk.

This is part of the reasons why eating yoghurt can be good for your bones and teeth. However, basic things aside, yoghurt will also keep your skin to be healthy and it’s perfect for diet routine.

Almonds as Healthy Nut

Do you know that almond is next on the list? Yes, almond also contains calcium. Among all the other nuts, this particular nut has the highest percentage in calcium. Here are some of the tips to enjoy almonds.

  • As snack

No, that is so unnecessary of you to eat it raw, but you can always mix them up with other ingredients for snack. For example, you can always make almond cookies.

  • As dish

Besides, there are so many dish recipes containing almond exist out there that you can try on.
Take the Benefits from Cheese

Now, this is an incredibly simple option out there if you want to get your daily dose of calcium. Cheese, like yoghurt, is a product of fermentation of milk. Thus, it is not a secret that cheese is also the most excellent food rich in calcium.

What you need to take note is that the texture of the cheese may suggest how much calcium is in them. According to one report, softer textured cheese usually has less amount of calcium than those which are hard in texture.

Green Broccoli

If you think that greenish vegetable doesn’t contain calcium within them, now you have to eliminate that very idea. It is because broccoli contains calcium even said to be included in ten foods having high percentage of calcium. Here’s what they offered.

  • Weight management

Let’s say supporting bone health is one basic thing that calcium can deal with. Moreover, calcium can help you out with weight management.

  • Blood pressure

Broccoli can also improve your blood pressure since it contains calcium. Blood pressure could also mean a healthier heart.

Canned Salmon and Sardines


So, it turns out that canned salmon and sardines are also good to get your daily dose of calcium. Who thought that these two types of fish provide not only omega-3 and protein, but also calcium as well?

Well, as one food rich in calcium, a can of sardines contains about 30% to 35% of RDI for the calcium. No wonder why people are fond of these foods.

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