4 Best Choices of Food for the Brain (Boosting Your Focus and Memories)


We always know that foods really affect how we look like and how our body work. But it turns out that food really influence how your brain is work. Therefore, finding the best food for the brain is a must.

Indeed some foods give greater effect for brain rather than others. There are fruits, vegetables, chocolate, oils, and others. Those foods and dishes can please your tongue, body, and brain!

Blueberries as Superfood


Some good things are packaged in a tiny space. Blueberry is a fruit that is highly recommended to be consumed in daily basis. Even though it looks small, it has plenty health benefits for your brain.

While it can be called as a natural candy, blueberry actually is one of the foods with highest antioxidant component including vitamin K, vitamin C, and fiber. It also has enough amounts of gallic acids that goof for brain protection.

Blueberries can be used to prevent brain from stress and degeneration.

Beets for High Antioxidant

Some people have terrible experiences with beets. It can be caused by beets terrible shape, or maybe because memories of terrible beets recipe during their childhood. That’s awful because beets are root vegetables that have many nutrients.

Beet is indeed food for the brain. They can reduce inflammation and contains high antioxidants that protect brain from cancer and help to detoxing harmful things from your blood vessels.

Beets can also improve your energy and performances during your work out sessions. Mix beets with other vegetables and pour mayonnaise dressing.

Broccoli that’s Rich of Vitamin

Don’t ever put broccoli aside from your plate because it is your brain’s best friend. Here are the benefits:

  • Thanks to the choline and vitamin K, those ingredients help your brain memory stays sharp.
  • Moreover, a cup of broccoli can supply your recommended daily vitamin C intake for about 150%.
  • The high fiber ingredient means you will feel full quickly after consuming broccoli.

You can creatively cook broccoli and add other vegetables and meat too. Try to make broccoli still fresh and crunchy even after the cooking process to keep the vitamin in.

Celery as Anti Inflammation


This is a very famous vegetable. Celery has only 16 calories per cup which make it as a good choice during your diet program. The vegetable contains polysaccharides and antioxidant agents that act as a shield for your brain. They prevent your brain from inflammation.

The brain inflammation is dangerous since it can trigger some lethal disease like irritable bowel syndrome. The inflammation also triggers joint pain that really disturb daily activities.

Celery is a great snack choice because it is loaded with mineral, vitamin, and nutrients. While we love to eat celery stalk, we should not avoid the leaves and stalk because it provides similar benefits and gives delightful taste.

In short, eating well means a healthy mind and body. Pay attention to what you eat and make sure to avoid junk food. Brain food can lower the risk of having age-related disease like dementia or Alzheimer.

The food for the brain list above are indeed a very short one. Keep exploring and finding the best healthy food that suit your preferences.

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