5 Impressive Bathroom Tile Ideas (the Maximum Nuances)

bathtub white marble mosaic

If you want to decorate your bathroom but do not have enough budgets to change the whole bathroom, then there is a simple, easy, and cheap way to decorate it by applying these bathroom tile ideas.

By changing the bathroom tile, you like putting ‘new clothes’ in bathroom. The feel of room can be created with the help of a proper tile, like the examples below.

Refreshing Blue-green Tiles

Blue-green Tiles

If you want to provide a fresh atmosphere, then this wall tile bathroom design is perfect for you. With its sea-like navy blue and mild green colors, your bathroom will feel like floating on the tropical beach.

To maximize beach accents in bathroom, you can add sand-colored floor tiles. What is special about these two tiles is the easy arrangement. You can put it randomly to look more like the original beach and sea.

Strong Marble-accent Shower

Monza Grey Wood Effect Tile

There are some people who instead of refreshing nuance. They want a firm impression on the bathroom. To apply this impression, you need several items:

  • Marble shower wall tiles

Just use dark-colored, full-symmetrical marble tiles that are certainly tailored to the width of bathroom.

  • Plain-white flooring tiles

Since the main concern has been given to marble tiles, you can use the basic colors such as white for flooring tiles.

  • Good ventilation

To maintain the condition of marble tiles, your bathroom needs enough air access to let it ‘breathe’. Give three medium-sized windows on the side of bathroom, so the air and sunlight can enter easily.

Back-to-Nature Style

If you miss the natural nuances in your bathroom, you can use wood elements as tile. Now, if you want to use this style, be sure to separate the dry areas with wet because the wood does not work really well with water.

Unfurnished wood will give the impression of rugged-style, while furnished one more to the classy impression. If you want to use wood as the majority element of bathroom, make a mix-and-match shade of brown equivalent for maximum results.

Monochromatic Minimalistic Bathroom Tiles

bathtub white marble mosaic

There is no simple and cheap without a minimalistic style. By combining basic colors such as black, white, and gray, you can change your bathroom effortlessly. In addition, use less-patterned tiles to achieve a minimalist tone.

Monochromatic minimalistic is the best small bathroom ideas since it attains the perspectives of wide bathroom in such a small area. If you add a glass wall to your bathroom, the changes will be perfect.

Subway Style Bathroom Tile

Do you like riding a train? Impressed with the wall design of the underground station? Now, you can enjoy it in your own bathroom. By using this kind of bathroom tile ideas, you can get a simple patterned bathroom tile that’s suitable for all types of bathrooms.

As a complement, you can use silver-metallic iron elements on other supports, such as showerheads, mirrors, or on the bathroom shelf. By adopting this general style, your bathroom will look more elegant but at a low cost.

That’s a series of 5 bathroom tile ideas for tight-budgeted people. With a low cost and a simple effort, you can get maximum results.

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