7 Steps to Overcome the Heartache from Breaking Up

The pain caused by the failure of a relationship can be one of the great pains that some people experience. Healing yourself from a breakup is often not easy to do because you have to get used to doing activities without having to be present again.

Broken hearted by a breakup can ruin your performance or lifestyle. For that, do not let the pain continues to haunt you so that life becomes disrupted. Here are some steps to deal with heartaches so that you can get back on the move, the Daily Mail reported.

1. Accept pain

When you break up, try to accept the fact that you will experience difficulties. Feeling sad because the loss of someone or something that is considered important is a natural situation, this feeling is an important part of the process of self-recovery.

2. Change habits
Changing habits that might be related to previous relationships is important. This step of changing habits has the meaning of leaving things and the old environment for your new life.

You can do this from small things like avoiding music that reminds your ex, changing room decorations, or deleting photos or videos with it.

3. See the relationship from an outside perspective

Hypnosis expert Paul McKenna and psychotherapist Dr. Hugh Willbourn encourages you to position yourself as someone else. This method helps assess your relationship from the perspective of others to give different perceptions.

First, think about what judgments people might make about your relationship breaking up. In addition, you can also position yourself as a ‘viewer’ of the ‘film’ that tells the story. What comments and comments do you want to say?

4. Change the way you see it with you

The next step is to focus on your mental picture of him. By applying this method, you can reduce or even eliminate the pain that is being experienced.

You must learn how to control visualization. Every human being can make a picture in their own imagination, and change it. Memory and imagination images in the mind can affect one’s feelings, as well as reality.

5. Understand emotions

In relieving pain, you must also learn to understand emotional reactions better. Like someone knocking on a door to deliver a message, if you don’t answer and understand emotions then the ‘knock’ will continue until you ‘open it’.

‘Opening the door’ for your feelings means learning to understand them. This of course can be difficult at any time because feelings of broken heart also contain feelings of anger, fear, and shame.

6. Make sure you can get love again

After a breakup, you might get caught up in the assumption that the ex is the only person who can be loved. This assumption is of course wrong because there are still many people out there who can become your destiny.

Believe that he may not be the best for you and you deserve someone far better than him, who can better understand and support yourself.

7. Live happy and vibrant

The right way to push yourself is to deal with the feelings and conditions that make you difficult. Fill in your free time by interacting with people closest to you, doing hobbies or things that are popular, seeing things you like, or going to the places you want to visit.

Over time, believe in yourself that there are still many interesting things out there that you deserve to feel or do. This can make you happier and can step into a new, more beautiful life.

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