Lagoon 450, Oakland, California, USA

How and When We Started Sailing

Rhett and I took up sailing in 2008 when one of the city councilman where Rhett was the finance officer talked him into buying his little 19′ Turner Wyflyer Sailboat. That summer we had so much fun taking that little boat to the lake. We talked about how much we loved sailing, and mentioned that he had a second boat, a 22′ Day Sailor, that was for sale.

Rhett’s parents saw how much fun we were having, and Dad said he has always wanted to sail, so they decided they would love to sail too, and bought the boat.

They decided the little day sailor was too small for their liking, so they upgraded to a 26′ MacGreggor. They instantly had a scary experience on the boat and decided they didn’t want to sail anymore, so we bought the MacGreggor from them, and they sold the little boat.

Anyways, we’ve been sailing on the MacGreggor now for a year and love it.

Our Experience with the Lagoon 450 Catamaran

We’ve attended a few boat shows, where we always drool over the sailboats, specifically the catamarans. About two years ago we started reading more about catamarans, particularly the Lagoon and Seawind brands. Well, last fall and again this spring we attended the boat show with the intent to research and experience both of these boats.

Hands down the Lagoon went for the win. The Lagoon is am AMAZING boat in more ways than I dare start naming on this post. We will save my ramblings for when I defend my decision to purchase a Lagoon. As of today, the Lagoon 450 will be the catamaran we go for, unless a new model comes out.

If all goes well we would like to live aboard a Lagoon 450 Catamaran in about 5 or 6 years. We plan on spending 4 years traveling the USA beginning in 2012 and then we will move onto a boat after that. I can’t wait until I can park my boat in Venice and sleep in my own bed each night, while still enjoying the beauty of the place. Rhett and I tease that we want the kids to attend BYU Hawaii instead of Utah or Idaho, that way we can come visit from our boat.

Well, we’ve stayed in contact with the sales rep, Don, because … well it doesn’t matter why, we just have. Don called us up in February and told us that the Lagoon 450 is premiering in Oakland California in April 2011 and that he was inviting five families to have private showings before the boat show.

Yeah, we totally jumped all over that one. We showed up in Oakland California after 22 straight hours of driving. We slept at the Motel 6 right next to the marina.

NOTE TO SELF … Next time check the area. The hotel was a complete dive and there were drug deals going on right outside the door. None of us would sleep inbetween the blankets on the bed, instead we brought sleeping bags and blankets from the truck and lay them out on top of the beds and slept on them.

I was so afraid we were going to get fleas, or something.

Once the sun finally rose in the sky and Don showed up to open the gates for us, we got to hang out on the boat. The Lagoon 450 had just been delivered to the USA just the week prior. Although the mast was up and the basic boat put together, there were a lot of things still needing to be done. All of the cushions had to be put out, the windows needed washing, the decks needed to be scrubbed, etc.

We are not ones to sit around while others are working, we helped set up the boat. The kids lay out the rugs, I washed all of the windows on the inside, while Rhett washed the outside. We scrubbed the decks, mopped the floors, vacuumed the cabins, made the beds, etc.

It was so much fun. I think we were able to hang out on the boat longer because we helped. If we hadn’t been helping, I would have felt like we were in the way and left after an hour or so. As it was, we stayed on the boat, just our family, for 5 hours.

We were able to see, feel, and play with every element the boat had to offer.

Rhett played with the engine, I hung out in the galley and master cabins, and the kids told me where every toy they owned would be placed. Little do they know that when we start to RV the USA that most of those toys will go away, but why spoil their fun, right?

Below is a fun little photo gallery of our experience. Click on each image thumbnail to see it in a full screen gallery.

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