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Rhemalda is a family of four traveling the United States. We live where ever we are, and live life to its fullest. We are happier than we have ever been, because we are together doing what we love.

This family photo was taken the week of Christmas 2013 across the street from the Lake Minden RV Resort in Nicolaus California.

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Rhemalda in Oregon

Rhemalda pulled into Pacific City, Oregon on November 5th, 2013 and we stayed until the 8th. The RV Resort that we stayed at was nestled on the Oregon coastline a couple of miles North of Pacific City, Oregon in the Sandlake Recreation area. The resort is 105 acres of heavily treed up and down hills, but it is beautiful. Our favorite feature of the park was the private access beach, and Cape Kiwanda sand dunes. They are within walking distance and absolutely stunning. Pacific City is also the location of the renowned Teacup Rock that you see on so many images of the Pacific coastline.

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About Rhemalda

Rhemalda stands for RHett, EMmaline, ALdrich, and DArce. We are a family of four traveling the USA in our pickup pulling our house behind us. This site tells our story!

If you would like to learn about us feel free to visit our About page.

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Rhett Hoffmeister

Rhett Hoffmeister

Rhett Hoffmeister is master of the Hoffmeister clan. He keeps our truck and trailer running in ship-shape condition. He is also the instigator of all fun.

Rhett is a graphic designer and artist. He is available to hire for book cover design, business logos, marketing materials, and digital paintings. You can find Rhett at his website http://www.rhetthoffmeister.com.

Emmaline Hoffmeister

Emmaline Hoffmeister

Emmaline Hoffmeister is lady of this traveling manor. She tries to keep this small space organized and clean in between escaping into fictional worlds.

Emmaline is the author of seven historical romance novels and short-stories.

Emmaline is also a book layout and design specialist available for hire at her website http://www.emmalinehoffmeister.com.

Aldrich Hoffmeister

Aldrich Hoffmeister

Aldrich Hoffmeister is the 8-year old in residence. He loves math, science, and reading.

He enjoys playing Magic; The Gathering with his dad and brother as well as going on hikes, swimming at the beach, and playing at the playground.

Darce Hoffmeister

Darce Hoffmeister

Darce Hoffmeister is our 6-year-old in residence. Like his brother, Darce is very good at school, his favorite subject is Science. He loves to learn all about animals and plants.

Darce too enjoys a good game of Magic; The Gathering. He keeps up with everyone on hikes, is really learnign quickly how to swim, and loves the playground.

USA Regions

Our USA Playground …

In March 2012 we began our journey that has taken us to 29 states by January 2014. We plan to hit another 15 states in 2014.

We’ve broken our travels into 5 US regions. These regions correspond with the regions of Thousand Trails and are as follows: Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Northwest.

We would love it if you would click on each region and experience the location with us.

  • Northwest 50%
  • Southwest 25%
  • Southeast 20%
  • Midwest 5%
  • Northeast 0%
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Aldrich Hoffmeister's Baptism


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